Let TECIE take YOUR business to the next level through our Recruitment Process Outsourcing service. We provide customized, cost-effective recruitment solutions for our clients. This is a tailored service specialized just for YOUR business.


Why use TECIE’s RPO service? The strategy is an internal process that we have perfected for TECIE to aid the growth and development of our clients through specialized recruitment services.

  • Recruiting qualified candidates
  • Development of great people
  • Consistently improving our core processes


  • Build brand awareness for organizations who may not be the “celebrities” in the information technology space but are rapidly growing or already quietly successful. Our RPO team builds relationships and connects candidates to clients/roles they may otherwise never have seen or applied to and connects clients to untapped talent
  • Lower costs of hiring through our RPO team by ensuring that positions are filled which in turn will create revenue
  • Investing in an RPO guarantees qualified candidates are placed in your organization leaving no position vacant and allowing your employees to focus on their own roles rather than finding employees
  • TECIE becomes your partner through the hiring process where we advise you on more than just employment. We advise you on market trends, salaries, and assessing employee performance
  • Maintain confidentiality with TECIE. All your company information will not be made public ensuring that competitors are not aware of your business practices


  • Job advertising on our website, social media, and other associated websites
  • Screening all applicants and choosing ones that meet and exceed requirements
  • Work with applicants one-on-one gathering all information needed prior to presenting any to our clients
  • Finding good-fit candidates through other channels to gauge their interest in the open positions
  • Putting qualified applicants through our specialized software as an added step to confirm required skills
  • Submitting recommendations to our client for review and our expertise on why we think those candidates are a good fit
  • Taking client feedback to refine and improve matches and quality of candidates. We always strive to improve our processes and provide the best customer service
  • Connecting with candidates on behalf of the client – we do all the work!


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