Latest recruitment trends in 2021

 Latest recruitment trends in 2021

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The pandemic has redefined an organization’s approach to talent mobility. As companies move forward, recruitment policies and strategies will need to be redefined to ensure smooth functioning and sustainable growth for everyone involved. Many companies are responding to those impacted, and many companies have tapped into their employee alumni network. These are the three current recruitment trends that bring the individuals back into the fold.

#1: Employment trend – Focusing on Candidate personas

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Here’s the first recruitment trend. Employers are improving the stature by embracing the holistic employee experience whilst hiring candidates who will fit within the company’s core values. The recruiter tends to handpick candidates who suit growth plans. Positive signs of employment opportunities are likely to be created in Healthcare, SaaS, EdTech, Retail tech and Hospitality sectors.

#2: Marketing trend – Prioritising diversity and inclusion

It is very well essential to communicate the employer branding and work culture. And nothing does better than employee stories – digital stories told through videos and blogs. By delivering a positive candidate experience, employers will significantly boost candidates’ probability of choosing to join your company. Encouraging candidates to share their experiences on social platforms like Glassdoor will be a trend for recruitment marketing strategies. 

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#3: Technology trend – To maintain Candidate Relationship Management

Predictive analytics is among the top technologies to watch out for in making hiring decisions and workforce planning. The employer will be at the heart of every candidate, as AI handles communications. As the future of work becomes a present reality, hiring too will become more future-focused. For instance, In 2020, email marketing was combined with automation (to enable personalisation at scale) and AI (to suggest the relevant content for every candidate) to gain fresh momentum. This is the most followed recruitment trends in the industry.

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It is important to keep an eye on the latest trends that will affect the recruiting industry in 2021. So, here are five actionable tips to improve your employability.

  1. As AI begins to analyze your resume, make sure we enter specific jargon related to your work field. It favours the machine to pick your profile for further screening.
  2. Have a Portfolio in the form of a Website, Document or cover letter. It helps the employer understand your job compatibility.
  3. Involve yourself in career counselling groups, Talent networks to sharpen your soft skills and grow your professional network.
  4. Direct your career in two ways: keeping up on jobs with different employers or sustaining in the same employment sector throughout working life.
  5. In the 21st century, change is the name of the game. Hence, having a topped-up resume plays a critical role.

Recruitment strategies that fit the trend will keep evolving as per the current trends, and ultimately develop a more effective recruitment process, and find the right candidates fit.

So, keep an eye over this space and connect with us to hire a perfect candidate to grow your company.

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