TECIE’s human resources services are offered to Information Technology start-up or established clients to outsource the management of a company’s greatest assets, your people.

TECIE 3-Pillars of HRM

  1. Strategy – create a people-management strategy to run the organization
    1. Conduct an overview of current organization’s HR practices
    2. Provide recommendations to implement
    3. Create optimal organizational culture
    4. Implement best practices to avoid costly mistakes
  2. Structure – ensure that processes are in place to achieve day-to-day operational efficiency
    1. Implement policies and procedures for onboarding, training and development, and performance management
    2. Create everyday guidelines to ensure the health and safety of all employees to create a protective environment of employee rights
  3. Support – Let your people know that you will be there when they need you
    1. Provide on-site and confidential services like coaching, training and development, conflict resolution for employee disputes, and a safe work environment
    2. Identify and manage issues. As a third-party our HR team stays neutral to provide conflict resolution and employee guidance to the best of our abilities to provide a win-win outcome for all parties involved
We have a strategic partnership with Soluzone Consulting who are experts in HR Consulting. Visit the website below for more details on the offered services:


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