Our hiring process is simple yet effective. We invest our time in connecting with and developing candidates to place them in their desired roles.


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Get Screened

If your application is short-listed, you will be contacted for the initial screening process. You must undergo the entire screening process to be considered for the position. If not right for the position applied for, we always try and find you a better home!


Get ready to meet the client and potentially your future employer. We coach you through the process and provide interview tips along the way.


Tell us how you did. Following the interview we connect with you and the client to discuss how the interview went and collect feedback. We discuss your interest in the company and next steps. If the position wasn’t for you we discuss why and continue to find you other opportunities.


You’ve made it! The client is ready to make an offer and you are ready to accept. We facilitate the process and ensure a smooth transition.


If you or the client decide to go another way we will always be here to help. Once you are part of the TECIE family we will treat you like so and continue to search for your dream career.


Want Something Extra?